Crazy Aaron's

Thinking Putty: Mini Treasure Surprise

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is made in Pennsylvania USA and is available in a wide assortment of amazing colors. Stretch, tear, snap, pop, knead and bounce it. These mini 2" tins include .47 oz of putty.

These mini Treasure Surprise tins are worth hunting for! This blind assortment of 12 new putty colors range in rarity from Special, Rare, Extraordinary, Epic and Legendary, and you won't know what you have until you peel the label to reveal your putty!

What treasure does this putty have in story for you? Will you strike it rich with Special Burmese Ruby - a coveted gem known for it's talismanic and supernatural powers? Maybe you'll discover the Rare Ghost Ship - which like the phantom vessel itself is spooky and mysterious? Perhaps you'll uncover something Extraordinary, even Epic? Or will you unearth the Legendary Lost Diamond - made with real diamond dust! With many more mysterious treasures to uncover, these random putties are worth their weight in gold - and one of them is even made with real pirate gold. Collect all 12!

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