Heroclix DC Notorious CUR SR PRIME CHASE Plus SET


This CUR/SR/Prime/Chase/Play at Home SET includes all common, uncommon, rare, super rare, prime and chase figures with character cards plus the play at home map and figure! 13 CHASE FIGURES and 3 Super Rare PRIMES this time! The ULTRA CHASE IS INCLUDED!

Set does not include any LEs or OP items.

Outlaws. Criminals. Supervillains. Malefactors. Bad Guys. Goons. DC HeroClix: Notorious has them all!

Introducing HeroClix's first ever MEGA SET, including 75 figures to collect, this is one of the biggest HeroClix sets ever! This set brings a HUGE number of options to the most diabolical denizens of DC Comics, including infamous rogues for Batman, Superman, The Flash and more!

Never before has HeroClix released a set that was so EVIL.

Notorious makes being bad look better than ever. Classic villains like Lex Luthor and The Joker are obviously part of the mix, but there are also awesome characters from the Harley Quinn Animated Series. Every villain needs great goons, and this set has more than enough army-building flunkies for your next heist.

Sometimes the most terrifying villains stem from good guys going bad like from the pages of Absolute Power or Injustice. At other times villainy is scary when it never grows tired, as if it can't know defeat, like the Black Lantern versions of characters you'll find in this set.

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