HEROCLIX Marvel Studios Disney+ CUR SR Prime Chase +++ Presale June 1, 2022


Heroclix: Marvel Studios Disney+ FULL Set includes everything you can pull from a booster PLUS the Play at Home kit, Dice and Token Set, and Starter What If? Game. The set includes common, uncommon, rare, super rare, prime, and Chase figures with character cards and any objects that come with a specific figure.

Exciting new gameplay will explore how characters in this set relate to one another, their iconic items, and the universe they're from! There is plenty to look for including series regulars like The Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Soldier, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Kid Loki, and more! Players will find returning game mechanics like equipment-objects of some iconic items in the show. Mission Points also return and can enhance Mission Point teams released in the last few sets!

Please note: the MSRP per booster has increased to $16.99 with this set.

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