Crazy Aaron

Thinking Putty: Natural Impressions - Desert Dune


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is available in a wide assortment of amazing colors, including glow in darks and color changing hypercolors! Stretch, tear, snap, pop, knead and bounce it, and it never dries out!

Inspired by Earth’s most beautiful patterns, the
Natural Impressions (TM) collection offers a fun and meditative way to play. Each set includes a tin of 30 grams of Thinking Putty® and a unique roller that creates amazing organic shapes and designs. Make a desert landscape, a river bed, a lush rainforest, or use your imagination to create a whole new world.

Desert Dune let's you explore the shimmery golden wonder of deserts sands. Sand makes up about 20% of our earth and is used for things like glass, mirrors, and even your Thinking Putty®. Use the included shape roller to make desert dunes, add a camel with the bonus stamp, and see what else you can create!

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