Farkel: Wellsboro Main Street


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Wellsboro's Main Street Pocket Farkel Game is a great souvenir and fun game all in one. This edition includes an image of Wellsboro's Main Street at Christmas Time by Linda Stager on the cover, and custom dice with Santa in place of the "1" on each six-sided die.

Farkel is a push-your luck game played with six dice. You roll 6 dice, and remove any dice you want to use for points. You can stop, and score those points, or re-roll the remaining dice. Points can be scored by specific numbers (e.g. 5's are worth 50 and 1's are worth 100) or with a trio of the same number. If you can use all six dice for points, pick them all up and keep going.

'Bank' your points and end your turn at any time but beware, some scoring dice must be removed after every roll - if no scoring dice are rolled your turn ends and you score zero points. The highest score over 10,000 wins the game.

Pocket Farkel measures 2"x3"x3/4" and is the perfect game to keep in your purse and have handy for travel. Includes a simple rules sheet, and scoring chart right inside the lid.

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