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Flex Deck by Michael Dummeyer is a versatile card game with 55 multi-purpose cards recommended for all ages and made in the U.S.A.!

Flex Deck begins with a standard 55-card poker deck -- 52 traditional Ace-King cards plus 3 jokers with indices in the top left corners. The cards also feature a set of double-nice dominoes printed in the center so you can play your favorite domino games. You'll find letters printed in the bottom left corners so you can play a host of word games too! Use the included suggestions, make up your own games, or go to FlexDeckCards.com for more ideas.

Mike invented this deck when planning a backpacking trip, and leaving the games behind was just not an option. He was looking for an easy way to bring along enough variety to keep everyone happy, so he created this all-in-one card game. Whether your in a matching, bluffing or word game mood, Flex Deck lets you pack many options in your pocket and take them ALL along.

Perfect for travel, hiking, camping or just to keep handy for a quick game of. . . whatever!

Not sure if it's the perfect game for you? Ask for a demo at Pop's!

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