Heroclix Fantastic Four Future Foundation CUR Set


Presale due to release Feb. 17, 2021. Please note the picture is a prerelease promotional photo, and those exact figures may not be part of the CUR set.

This complete set includes common, uncommon, rare set. Objects that come with a specific figure will be included (this assumes the release production is similar to objects from sets like Spider-Man Venom Carnage, and Mighty Thor) Not included are the super rare SR, Prime, Chase figures and objects, Fast Forces, Dice and Token Pack, and the Play at Home Invisible Woman promo kit with map.

Adults, children, geniuses, mutants, Moloids - but they're all one big family in Marvel's Future Foundation! Reed Richards assembled the Future Foundation because an entire generation of geniuses would do more good than he ever could. Whether you're fighting the Heralds of Galactus or Dr. Doom, you'll be able to build a team of characters that support and LEARN NEW ABILITIES from one another! Maybe the Invisible Woman teaches Valeria a lesson in defense or The Thing shows Artie a thing or two about toughness. There are more than 10 cool Captains and a dozen studious Sidekicks to collect! Wait, Dr. Doom is teaching the kids WHAT?! Every booster will come with 5 pre-painted figures and select boosters will come with a bonus equipment-objects like Doom's Time Platform or Diablo's Alchemical Potions to use on your HeroClix team! These figures will have IMPROVED DETAIL AND PAINT JOBS! Figures at all rarities have an upgraded look with better sculpts, more accessories, cooler energy effects, and more dynamic poses! Rama Tut and Blackbeard have never looked so good! Even if you've collected some of these characters before, their newest versions can't-be-missed! Future Foundation is a great set for beginners since lots of Common and Uncommon figures have straightforward play that you'll be able to bolster with other figures for more powerful play! In addition to classic characters from the Marvel Universe there will also be never been clixed fan favorite characters like H.E.R.B.I.E.and Ms. Thing (Darla Deering). There are more than 70 Fun Figures to collect, and Special Objects too! Add some brilliance to your HeroClix collection with the Fantastic Four Future Foundation expansion!

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CURs are great!, 25th Feb 2021

Reviewer: Matthew Nelson

A CUR set is the most cost effective way to collect clix especially for sets when you want a lot of the Rares. Pop's Culture Shoppe is my go to place for all clix and CUR sets are the main reason. The CUR set is always complete and never missing a card. The sets are packed well and delivered super fast. Pop's customer service is helpful and very quick to respond.

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