Heroclix X-men Rise and Fall CUR Set PRESALE


This presale set is due to release June 23, 2021.

Please note that presale information is based on Wizkids solicitation information. If any items do not turn out to be as advertised, we will contact you about an changes before shipping, and will offer options to switch or receive a full refund.

This CUR 001-050 set includes the common, uncommon, and rare figures. Not included are the Super Rare SR, Prime, Chase figures, Fast Forces, Play at Home Kit, or the Dice and Token Pack.

The X-Men are no stranger to struggle, but some foes will rock the entire GALAXY!
Based on the critically acclaimed story Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire, this HeroClix release has everything! Vulcan is out for revenge against the X-Men, the Shi'ar, and their allies!

This set continues the recent trend in HeroClix of excellent paint jobs.

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