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Ninja Cat Cucumber Attack!


Ninja Cat Cucumber Attack, by Bonnie Meekins and Moon Sprocket Games, is a party game for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up and takes 15-30 minutes to play.

Get slapping in this exciting, fast-paced card game where Ninja Cats battle and Cucumbers attack. Play against others to control the deck as you flip and slap your way to victory. Win cards by battling weapon wielding Ninja Cats, but be ready to steal the deck as you beat your opponents by slapping card combos first.

Players take turns flipping cards into a pile at the center of the table. If a player flips a number card, game continues to the next player. If a Ninja Cat card is flipped, the battle begins! The following player then has the number of chances indicated on the card to flip over their own Ninja Cat card. If they do, play continues to the next player, and the battle begins again. If they don't, the player who initially flipped the Ninja Cat card wins the pile!

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