The Famous Gaslight Mystery


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The Famous Gaslight Mystery of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania by local author Robert Borzok with cover art by Arrow Krueger is a middle-grade mystery set in downtown Wellsboro. Readers will recognize the setting of this charming little town and appreciate the inquisitive, can-do attitude of the main characters who are scouts, teachers, and everyday home-town heroes.

In this historical fiction based on real people, the year is 1991, not so long ago when you think about it. Even though the main characters are now grown with families of their own, the town itself and its yearly events have remained just about the same. People still walk the friendly streets. Stores are still in the same places, although some of the names might have change. Lots of people still come to visit this special place where time seems to have stood still. But few know how close Wellsboro came to becoming just another ordinary American town were it not for some unlikely citizens who solved the famous GASLIGHT MYSTERY.

65 pages, Paperback PB, 5.5"x8.5"

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