The Lost Gold of Dents Run DVD


The Lost Gold of Dents Run DVD, by Legend Hunters Films is a 60 minute documentary written and directed by Pennsylvania film makers Dave and Carey Rupert and Ryan Cavalline, and includes a treasure map.

In 1863 a wagon load of Gold Bars, along with its army escort vanished somewhere in the foothills of Pennsylvania. The Gold has never been found.

Despite the hopes and efforts of many treasures hunters, hobbyist, and professionals alike, the fate of the gold bars has persisted for more than a century. Has the gold been found or could the gold still be hiding in the mountains of Dents Run. Waiting to be found. . .

In 2012 the Legend Hunters team was brought together by dark powers of the unknown. The team consisted of Dave and Carey Rupert and Ryan Cavalline. The team would go on to investigate everything from Bigfoot, Haunted Locations, Lost Treasures, and Historical Stories through out Pennsylvania.

In 2018 Legend Hunters Films was born, introducing audiences to old folklore stories, legends from the past, forgotten cities, treasure hunting for lost artifacts, and diving into the macabre of America’s past.

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